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It's an App not an Agency

It's an App not an Agency

We aren’t an agency and don’t take a cut out of your wage. Our app is free for teachers. You can connect and get paid by schools directly, meaning you can access the Teachers Pension Scheme.

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More opportunities

More opportunities

Don’t rely on agencies to get you work, your TeacherIn profile makes you visible to schools in your area and beyond, giving you instant access to more supply teacher positions.

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Real-time access

Real-time access

The TeacherIn app gives you real time text notifications of jobs as they are posted by schools, so you can apply instantly and manage your bookings anywhere, anytime.

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How TeacherIn works

1. Create a profile

2. Receive job alerts

3. Accept job offers


Job alerts directly from schools

Using TeacherIn, schools contact you directly for work. Simply respond “Y” to accept the position and the school pays you directly, ensuring you maximise your earnings.

Manage your profile

Get secure access to your online profile, availability and bookings from the TeacherIn app, ensuring there are no scheduling conflicts and you have access to teaching resources at the click of a button.

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