There has never been a better time to be a supply teacher with the release of the TeacherIn app. By cutting out the agency middleman, teachers and schools mutually benefit by giving the power back to the people and making wage cuts for teachers and high fees for schools a thing of the past.

Teaching is one of the most rewarding and challenging careers around. However, there comes a time in life where working full time becomes either impossible or unfavourable for all sorts of reasons. This is why becoming a supply teacher is a great option to avoid getting burnt out. It is fantastic for anyone who wants a genuinely better work-life balance and for teaching mums and dads it is ideal.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why becoming a supply teacher can be one of the best decisions of your career.


1. Flexibility

As a supply teacher you are an independent freelancer where you get to work your own hours and have a flexible working schedule. With all this free time you can explore new hobbies and spend more time with your family.

Supply teachers can enjoy teaching without having to do the excessive burden of paperwork and administration involved with the profession.

2. Variety

There’s never a dull moment in supply teaching. You get to travel around, connect with many teachers and experience teaching a wide range of students and subjects.

3. Retirement

It’s hard to say goodbye to the classroom. Becoming a supply teacher is a great way to wind down your hours and also enter this new venture with years of experience under your belt which is a highly valued supply teacher trait.

4. Try before you buy

Taking a school or area out for a test drive first before you lock yourself in for full time employment is also a benefit of supply teaching.

5. Return to teaching

Becoming a supply teacher after taking extended leave is a good way to ease yourself back into it.

6. Professional Development – earn as you learn

Supply teaching is also a good way of gaining experience teaching different age ranges. This is a great start for a NQT (newly qualified teacher) who is finding it hard to get a foot in the door for a full time role.


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