Teachers signing up to TeacherIn are helping to revolutionise the supply teacher landscape in the UK, joining a community of hundreds of UK supply teachers ready to make the change!

We understand that this way of getting booked is very different to the way it has been done in the past so we understand the uncertainties that have been raised by some teachers we have spoken to. We want to answer some of the questions that have been asked…

Have you asked any of these questions?


How do you know this model will work?

We have been assisting teachers, teaching assistants and schools in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore for the last 4 years where TeacherIn is known as ClassCover. Read testimonials from teachers who use ClassCover in Australia here

Connecting schools directly with supply teachers has been hugely successful and we have seen the need for the same thing in the UK!

Is my personal information safe with TeacherIn?

SUPER SECURE, BANK-GRADE DATA SECURITY! Your data privacy is important, so we use SSL 256-bit encryption for everything. All TeacherIn accounts have password protection. In addition, all data is backed up daily. All accounts include 256-bit SSL encryption, the same technology banks use to keep your information safe.

And of course, we will never pass your information onto a third party.

How does TeacherIn make money?

TeacherIn is 100% free for teachers and teaching assistants to use. Schools pay a flat annual subscription fee based on the number of pupils they have and all pricing information can be found on our website.

Can I use an agency at the same time?

Yes. Using TeacherIn will maximise your job offers and will allow you access to a higher wage.

Will I be ranked out of 10 by the schools?

No! TeacherIn does not allow for teachers to be ranked. We are creating a fair platform for teachers and schools to connect directly.

How do I get paid on TeacherIn

TeacherIn supports getting the best possible deal for teachers and doesn’t believe teachers’ pay should be punished by the agencies or umbrella companies.

Schools set their daily pay rate and can choose to pay you in two different ways;

While some schools will pay you directly through their own PAYE payroll, others will choose to use the fee-free PAYE payroll method through our trusted partner People.

Using People ensures an alternative PAYE option that has no hidden charges or employer costs deducted from teacher wages and is categorically not an Umbrella company.

Want to learn more about getting paid on TeacherIn? Click here

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