See us on stand E99 and hear from customers in the Technology and Learning Open Theatre…


Since launching in the UK a few months ago, we at TeacherIn have been delighted by the reaction to us from UK schools and teachers.  We are now very excited to be attending our first major UK exhibition, with our specialist UK team.

Stand E99

Join us on stand E99 to see why other schools and teachers are excited by TeacherIn coming to the UK, and to find out how you could benefit from it too.

Here are just a few reasons why we should be on your list of suppliers to visit at the show, and why Multi-Academy Trusts are choosing TeacherIn as their preferred recruitment tool:


1. TeacherIn ensures the most effective supply teacher

How exactly, we hear you ask, well TeacherIn is an app not an agency, which allows you to access supply teachers directly. This enables you to select whom you feel will be the most effective for your school. Join us on stand and we’ll show you a teacher profile to see exactly what we mean.


2. TeacherIn saves schools thousands

How much will I save exactly, we hear you cry, come to the stand and we’ll show you. Our calculator has been built using real and up-to-date school recruitment spend information and the numbers speak for themselves.


3. TeacherIn doesn’t just save money, it saves time

Everyone says that, we hear you say, and we agree it’s a fair comment but TeacherIn really is quick and easy to use, come along to the stand and see for yourself, in just 2minutes you’ll be able to see exactly how it works.


Whilst we could go on (and on), we also appreciate the value you find in hearing from users of solutions and with this in mind, we’re excited that Bridge MAT will be speaking about how TeacherIn is transforming their recruitment processes.

When:  12.10 – 12.40

Where: Technology and Learning Open Theatre

Who: Stephanie Bass, Business Manager

With limited seating and a number of enquiries already about what we’re doing at the show and where people can find out more, we’d recommend you get there early.

We’d love to see you at the show and explain more about how TeacherIn can help you to source the most effective supply teacher, save you money, and more.  Make sure stand E99 is on your list of suppliers to visit.

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