Ensure your calendar is full of supply bookings! 

Here are several useful tips to help you to get booked more regularly through our TeacherIn app! So, that way you become a ‘preferred supply teacher’ that every school wants to have back again and again.

Be Prepared

Always arrive at your supply booking early. This gives you more time to prepare for your class, ask any questions about your day and solve any concerns you may have before school starts. It gives you some time to become familiar with the room and learn where all the materials are, such as books, pencils or laptops. And most importantly, to familiarise yourself with the planning that has been left for you. Follow the lesson plans the best that you can. And take notes throughout the day about the children’s achievements, behaviour and anything that they may have struggled with. Schools love it when you are well prepared!

Build Professional Relationships

You want to continue to build direct and personable relationships with schools. Engage with administrators and other teachers in the staffroom to build a memorable and positive relationship with them. So that way in the future, they will request you through the app before anyone else!

Provide a fun environment students can learn in while still keeping classroom conversation professional and relevant to the lesson. Add your own activities only after the pre-planned lessons have been completed.

You never know who you will need support from throughout your booking, always ask for it calmly and professionally.

Learn Names

You want to make sure you learn and remember as many names as you can. If this is difficult, you can have the students create name tags to put on their desks to help you learn their names. If they feel that you know them and like them, they are more likely to ask their teacher to have you back.

Clean Up and Complete Marking

Always leave the classroom looking the same as, or nicer than, it was when you arrived. Make sure books and supplies are back in their place and the floor is clean. Always mark all of the work students completed while you were teaching them using the school’s marking policy.

Be sure to leave detailed notes for the classroom teacher at the end of the day too! This is bound to ensure that the school will book you again and again. If you have been taking notes throughout the day, this will be so easy!

Keep up to date!

Day off? Complete a TeacherIn CPD course! Then add it to your profile so that schools can see that you are keeping up to date with new and emerging pedagogies in education.

Once you have completed one of our fantastic courses, make sure you login to your TeacherIn profile and enter the name of the course onto your CV. This way, schools can see for themselves that you are advancing professionally and bettering your teaching practice! History has shown that the teachers who have completed our CPD courses are regularly booked through our app.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re on your next supply teaching assignment and help to guarantee that schools book you in before anyone else!