Supply teacher recruitment is a costly process in terms of time, money and uncertainty, which is dominated by agencies.

However, Bridge Multi Academy Trust believe they have found the solution and it’s helping them to identify the most effective teacher directly.

The TeacherIn app has dramatically changed the recruitment process at Bridge MAT, putting the trust and its schools back in control of recruiting and helping to make significant savings. TeacherIn is now available in the UK and is used by thousands of schools in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

“There are no daily commissions or finders fees, meaning we can engage teachers for longer term supply without the concern of paying huge amounts. I estimate our schools will save thousands this year using TeacherIn.”


Stephanie Bass, Business Manager of Bridge MAT is already seeing the value of using TeacherIn “Bridge Multi-Academy Trust is a family of primary schools based in the south west that embrace a universal culture of excellence.  We aim to ensure that each child enjoys a memorable learning experience from a creative curriculum which we have found results in their rapid progress.

We have recently started using TeacherIn to manage our supply teacher recruitment across the MAT and already we are seeing a positive impact.  Admittedly, it is early days but we firmly believe that TeacherIn will dramatically change our recruitment processes for the better, so much so, that it is our preferred choice of recruitment throughout the trust.


TeacherIn provides us with a database of local supply teachers and their profile including whether they are experienced in the Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 or 2, and more. We have the confidence that all teachers have been through an interview and vetting process, including DBS checks.
TeacherIn will allow us to quickly identify suitable and available teachers for the schools in our region, to ensure that our lessons can be effectively covered.  This will not only make it better for our learners but also has a positive impact for the supply teacher coming into school.


“Our schools can access our own bank of fully vetted and interviewed teachers and view their online professional profiles.  The reporting capabilities mean we have visibility across all our schools, making payroll processing a breeze.”


The fact that we can make immediate contact ourselves and see all responses is going to be great, and will allow us to cut out the middle man in terms of the agency.  The one off annual fee is also going to be significantly less than our usual, annual recruitment agency total, allowing us to better utilise our budget and I believe that TeacherIn will be far better value for money.

We’ve already started to build our own bank of local supply teachers that can cover all of the schools within our MAT which I’m really pleased about. Plus, having made some bookings myself already, the system is significantly easy to use and definitely something I will be recommending.”


Stephanie Bass, Business Manager Bridge Multi-Academy Trust