Summer can be a stressful time for supply teachers. With no supply work on the horizon for 6 weeks or more, it can be difficult to relax when you don’t know when you will start work again. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of the break without breaking the bank.

1. Check if you are owed a rebate

If you’ve been working for a few different employers over the year, chances are you’ve overpaid on your tax somewhere along the line. It’s not as much of a hassle to sort this out as you might think, and you may well receive a rebate in time for the traditionally lean supply month of September. Although it can take a long time to get through, once you talk to an advisor they are really helpful. Grab your national insurance number, any pay slips or tax code notices you have, make a cup of tea and give them a ring on 0300 200 3300. Don’t forget that you can claim tax relief on your Union subscriptions too, so mention that while you’re on the phone.

2. Organise your finances

The summer can be financially tight for supply teachers, so take some time to organise your finances. Make use of price comparison sites to check you are on the best deal for your energy, insurance and financial products. You could potentially save a few hundred pounds, so it’s well worth doing (on a rainy day of course, who needs to do that when the sun is shining?).

3. Activities out on a budget

Right, that’s the dull stuff out of the way, what about having some fun? Try Googling “free day out near me” and check out all the free activities in your area. Also check out the Money Saving Expert Cheap Days Out page for ways to save money on days out. Simple economies like packing a picnic or taking bottles of water rather than buying them out reduce the expense without feeling like you are missing out.

4. Earn extra income 

If you have ever thought about developing a second income alongside supply, the summer is a great time to work on it. Whether you have a skill you’ve always wanted to turn into a home business, or you are thinking about private tutoring, you can use the holiday to research it and perhaps even get started! Check out these tips and creative ways you can earn some extra income over the break.

5. Take advantage of the break from school! 

Enjoy the freedom of not waiting for the phone to ring. You’re not going to get an early morning call or message for several weeks, so make the most of your lie-ins. September will come soon enough!


Sam Collins

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