Kirsty’s story – The NQT on supply

I stumbled across TeacherIn when browsing the internet. After the initial reading, I thought to myself, this seem too good to be true, where is the catch? There are no agency fees, and you can just create a profile for schools to search for you. If it was that simple, then why hasn’t someone thought of this idea before? But with nothing to lose, I said to myself ”Why not give it a go!”

I applied for an interview, and within a matter of moments, I had a scheduled date and time for an online interview. Sure enough, the following day as I had chosen, I had a face-to-face interview online with Jaime from TeacherIn who asked me various questions about myself, my teaching experience, and gave me a run-down of who TeacherIn are and what they are all about. Even at this point, the sceptic in me was thinking ”Okay so we’ll see where this goes…”


”Before using TeacherIn I was paid £84 as an NQT, now I am getting £115.” – Kirtsy, NQT on Supply


I completed my online profile as requested and updated it according to the emails I received from TeacherIn. As they had just launched in the UK, there was a quiet period and they informed me they were busy getting the schools on board. Then, within a couple of months of joining, I received a phone call from a school who wanted to book me! I was amazed! I received an initial confirmation text clarifying the date, time and my pay scale, then a reminder text at the start of the working week. On arrival at the school, I was welcomed by the head teacher who asked for evidence of identification (in my case, my driving license), my DBS certificate and other right to work documentation, and I was shown around and given a briefing about the day.

After the completion of my first day, I had a phone call from Jaime to see how I got on. I explained that I had had a lovely day, the school had made me feel really welcomed and that I had got subsequent work through it as a result.

I have never experienced aftercare like this, not with any teaching agency I have dealt with before. Not only do they want to ensure that schools are getting access to high quality teaching staff, but they actually care about the welfare of the teachers who work for them too. I always speak to the same TeacherIn representative (which is rarely the case with teaching agencies), who is always at the end of the phone/email and happy to help should I have any concerns. They, therefore, build up a personal rapport with you so you feel valued and not like just another number on a list.

Above all, I love the control TeacherIn gives back to the supply teacher. You are able to complete your calendar to show when you are available so that you only work the days that suit you. This avoids the inconvenient, early morning wake-up call from an agency on a day you are otherwise engaged on.


”Not only does [TeacherIn] want to ensure that schools are getting access to high quality teaching staff, but they actually care about the welfare of the teachers who work for them too”


As a teacher of TeacherIn, I can honestly say that I could not be happier! I will not hesitate to recommend them to both schools and fellow supply teachers. In a place as rural as Cornwall, work is scarce, and every penny earned really does count. It is wonderful to have found a genuine company who wants the best for all parties involved. So it really is as simple as that… Sign up, do the work that you love and get rewarded for it!


– Kirsty, NQT on supply, Cornwall and Isle of Scilly

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