While some teachers are run off their feet getting supply teacher work through TeacherIn, others wonder why they haven’t seen any action since signing up. Why is this so? 

If you are in an area where TeacherIn is live then it 100% comes down to your profile and if you have taken all the steps to become active (vetted) and viewable to schools.

In other words, taking the time to complete your profile and have your interview is the only avenue to getting supply teacher work through TeacherIn. Schools need to see pre-vetted teachers and we simply cannot connect schools to supply teachers who havn’t been checked thoroughly by our team.

If you have done all of this and you are an active teacher on TeacherIn and you live in an active area, and you’re still waiting on more work through TeacherIn, then we have some tips below that will help you get the outcome you are after.

Here’s our top 5 tips getting supply teacher work through TeacherIn and making the recruitment agency free supply teacher booking app work for you. 


  1. Get activated

    As mentioned before, if you haven’t completed your profile, you won’t get work through the app, making it the most crucial and important step in obtaining work through TeacherIn. If your profile isn’t complete then you won’t be listed as active and therefore not viewable to schools. Steps to activate your profle include having your online interview, uploading all your relevant documents to your teacher profile and having your referees get back to us.

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  2. Be reliable – Keep your availability updated weekly

    We cannot stress enough how important this is to the school and to your booking request outcomes. Teachers with their availability up to date are 7 x more likely to be booked by schools over those who haven’t made the time. Make a habit out of it! Create a reminder in your phone on a Sunday afternoon and spend 2 mins updating it in your TeacherIn profile, which can be done on either the app or desktop versions.

  3. Put a face to the name

    Teachers with their pictures uploaded to their TeacherIn profile are 3 x more likely to be asked to teach at a new school through the ‘Find New Teachers’ feature, over those who have no image at all. Why is this? First impressions count. We only get one chance to make a good first impression, and to new schools, your TeacherIn profile is it. In person, your charm and use of language plays most of the part, but in an online world your first impression is made with your face – your profile picture – so make it count!

  4. Physically form relationships outside of the app

    If you are on more school lists, you will get more work. Simple. And it’s not that hard to get on them, it just takes a little extra effort on your part, and schools will love you for it. If you have received an email about getting added to a specific schools TeacherIn list to then have nothing come in from them – then it’s worth going that extra mile and giving the school a quick call to let them know that you appreciate being added and you’re looking forward to working at their school when the need arrives. A little of this can go a long long way.

  5. Go into schools with your CV

    Introduce yourself and start building a relationship. In this digital age, nothing beats a good old fashioned physical interaction. Let the schools know you’re on TeacherIn and the email address you use for it so they can find you.  Can’t make it into the school? Phone them up and ask them what is the best email address for you to send your CV to and repeat the same above steps.

    What if the school you approach isn’t on TeacherIn? Simply letting them know about us through you could see you earning £100 for each school you refer. The more schools on TeacherIn the more work will come through, and you will get some pocket money in the process too. Win win!

  6. Is your important info up to date?

    Schools are periodically checking their teacher lists and making sure that all teachers they are inviting into their schools are still registered to teach and have recent DBS certificates. They often look to add new teachers too, so keep the subjects you are qualified to teach and the year levels you have experience teaching up to date so that more schools can add you to their lists.



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