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Save money on supply teacher recruitment

TeacherIn is the most cost-effective way to book supply teachers, there are no agency fees or commissions.
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More teachers to choose from

More teachers to choose from

Search by availability, experience and distance from your school and approve whoever you like from the vetted teacher profiles.

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Conveniently book teachers anytime, anywhere

Conveniently book teachers anytime, anywhere

TeacherIn is an online tool which means schools can manage staffing anywhere.

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How TeacherIn works

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2. Browse teachers

3. Book and manage

Send job alerts directly to supply teachers

Using TeacherIn, schools send out job requests via text to all supply teachers available in their area.

Easily manage your supply teacher bookings

With TeacherIn there is no need to keep manual records of who is working and when. All bookings are automatically recorded and other staff are immediately notified, removing any double handling.


Our pricing model is simple and affordable, offering choice with flexibility

  • No finders fees and no hidden charges per booking.

  • No lock-in contracts – We encourage transitioning to full time.

  • No exclusivity – Use TeacherIn and your agency and see which one costs more!

  • All supply teachers come pre-vetted and quality assured.

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