Payroll and PAYE benefits for teachers

TeacherIn continues to offer schools the ability to pay you directly through their own payroll and offer the TPS where it’s appropriate. Where schools choose not to use their own PAYE payroll to pay you, TeacherIn have researched the options and partnered with People PAYE Limited to offer an alternative PAYE option that has NO hidden charges or costs deducted from teacher wages and is NOT an Umbrella company.

Who are People PAYE? People PAYE Limited (People) is a purpose built professional employment organisation (PEO for short). People is authentic, ethical and transparent and provides a range of features and benefits normally only available to full time employees.


What are the Teacher Benefits: 

  • Condensed single employer record
  • Full employee status (including pensions, statutory benefits and protection)
  • Fully transparent PAYE arrangement with no Umbrella Company
  • Paid in a timely fashion (just 1 week in arrears)

People are not an umbrella company and People does not charge any fee to you whatsoever.


In detail

People engage on fully predictable and transparent PAYE contracts of employment and the gross daily rate agreed with you, by the booking school, is your gross taxable rate. People make the same normal employee deductions that you would see on the payslip of someone permanently employed. This includes PAYE (income tax), employee national insurance and employee pension contributions.

How is it different to an umbrella company? There are NO employer deductions from the gross daily rate agreed with your booking school. This is where People are different from an umbrella which does make employer deductions (such as employer national insurance, employer pension contributions, apprenticeship levy and administrative margin)  from your daily rate.

People also offers benefits such as continuity of employment, transparency of pay, statutory employment rights, pension, retailer discount packages, advance wage facilities and a full support service.

What’s next?

Once you have your first booking confirmed by a school, with your permission People will then contact you directly via phone (for expediency and first preference) to ensure they have gathered the necessary payroll information from you so that they can make prompt and efficient payment of your wages into your bank. This set-up only happens once in the first instance and then you are sorted. You can usually expect to have your wages in your bank 1 week Friday after working.

If the school chooses to pay you directly through their own PAYE payroll, the school will gather your payment details and sort any other associated contractual paperwork with you whilst you are at the school and arrange to pay you on their next available pay run.


Getting paid through People

When will I get paid? You will receive your payment one week in arrears of the work being completed. You will receive your net salary into your nominated bank account before 9am on Friday morning. 

How much will I get paid? The gross pay offered to you by the school per day comes through in the job offer before you accept it. Only your own N.I., tax and pension contribution comes out of this – nothing else.  You can view an example payslip of what you can expect to receive from People here.

How do I register with People? We’ll ask your permission to share your contact details so the specialist registration team at People can phone you to collect your payroll information and create your People account.   

I also work with a supply agency (or more than one supply agency), can I have all my placements and payments managed through People as my single employer? Yes you can. Please let your agency know that you are employed by People, please let People know the details of your other agencies, and your contacts there and People will get in touch with them to make arrangements. 

How do People make their money if it’s totally free for me? From the Teacherin payroll arrangements with the schools,  People meet the employment costs and obtain their administrative margin. Using their systems and staff enables them to engage efficiently and make use of economies of scale to get the best value deal for schools and in turn they can deliver this service to you – absolutely free of any charges or costs. 

How do you find out which way the schools have chosen to handle your pay? 

When you sign-in at school and present your identity documents for the first time, it’s always worth checking how you get paid. Simply asking, ‘Does TeacherIn look after my pay or are you a school that adds me to your own payroll?’ will make it clear. If the school is paying you directly, they’ll ask for your pay details. 

Are there any costs or charges to me? 

As a Teacherin teacher, whichever way you get paid, you will have the security of being paid via PAYE and you won’t have any extra or hidden charges deducted from your wages like you would with Umbrella companies. 


Any Questions?

See the FAQ’s, get in touch any time via our support form or email us at