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What are our teachers and schools saying?

Val AjetiSchool Secretary 
Broadfields Primary School, Middlesex UK 

We were looking for a more cost effective and efficient way to recruit quality supply teachers and came across TeacherIn’s new agency free, App based approach. We have found it quick and easy to recruit supply teachers and we can select which teachers to add to our pool of supply teachers and offer work. We now have access to some quality teachers and it allows us more control over consistency and when they work. We also like the option to just receive a simple invoice – just like an agency but with more control over pricing.   

Based on our experience we would definitely recommend giving TeacherIn a go!” 

Rachael L, Supply Teacher 

“The TeacherIn process was very easy from the setting up of my profile to the booking process. The Interview was professional and relevant and once I was booked by a school, the payrate was good! 

I also, appreciated the text asking how my experience had been. Overall I feel like I have been treated really professionally as I have unfortunately experienced patronising teaching agency management in the past, that had a lack of respect for my abilities and experience as a teaching professional.”

Rebeca T, Supply Teacher

“TeacherIn is amazing in its simplicity. All the pros of an agency with none of the cons. 
The registration process is extremely quick – and you do the interview by Skype.  
When they have a vacancy, the school will contact you by text – and you send them another text to accept or reject the job. If you accept it, immediately you’ll get an email with the school address and the details of your assignment. 
It’s simple as it sounds. In addition, the team from TeacherIn will make sure to guide you through your first day of work! They are lovely and will answer all your questions.”

Rosie Kelly, Supply Teacher

“The setting up my TeacherIn profile was incredibly easy and even I, with a basic understanding of technology was able to do it, being guided by their cheery support team. 

The interview was professional and pertinent to the role. I was treated as a qualified professional and without the barrage of general questions which agencies ask. TeacherIn staff are friendly and I enjoy a professional yet courteous relationship with them. 

The booking process is simple. I like the text message system! 

I look forward to TeacherIn’s expansion.”

Kirsty M, NQT on supply

“Before using TeacherIn I was paid £84 as an NQT by recruitment agencies, now I am getting £115. 

I love the control TeacherIn gives back to the supply teacher. You are able to complete your calendar to show when you are available so that you only work the days that suit you. This avoids the inconvenient, early morning wake-up call from an agency on a day you are otherwise engaged on.  

Not only does TeacherIn want to ensure that schools are getting access to high quality teaching staff, but they actually care about the welfare of the teachers who work for them too” 

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Stephanie Bass, Business Manager – Bridge Multi-Academy Trust

Our schools no longer need to pay daily agency commissions and the app automatically connects them directly to our own bank of fully vetted and interviewed teachers. In addition, the reporting capabilities mean we have visibility across all our schools, making payroll processing a breeze.

In addition, we can engage teachers for longer term supply without the concern of paying huge amounts. I estimate our schools will save thousands this year using TeacherIn.”

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